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Becoming an Immigration Lawyer

Becoming an Immigration Lawyer


In order to be a successful immigration lawyer, an individual must obtain a thorough knowledge of immigration law and all associated legal disciplines. During the initial portion of law school, a potential lawyer will be required to complete fundamental or core classes. These courses will introduce him/her to all legal arenas. Subsequently, he/she can choose to enroll in courses that will prepare him/her to become an immigration lawyer. He/she must acquire complete knowledge of the United States immigration policy and all associate laws.

An individual must also understand the process of obtaining a U.S. visa and the naturalization procedure. In addition to taking immigration law courses, an individual should also become familiar with labor law, property law, and tax law. Each of these legal domains will be important to a foreign individual when he/she immigrates to the United States. Therefore, understand these legal areas will help him/her to better assist his/her clients.