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Facts about Stanford Law School

Facts about Stanford Law School

Stanford Law
School has been one of the longer running law schools throughout the United
States. It was created by former President of the United States, Benjamin
Harrison, and Nathan Abbott, who headed the nascent law program. When Stanford
Law first started, it was an academic program centered by many undergraduate
individuals. It was housed in a small location of the Stanford campus.

But as time moved on, the location of the Stanford Law school changed, to
accommodate more students and create a better environment for discourse and
experiential learning. Now the Stanford Law School works in conjunction with
many other legal affiliates, to allow Stanford Law students to practice law
with the guidance of current practicing legal professionals.

Currently, the Stanford Law School has over 200 courses regarding laws, and
offers the opportunity to tie other academic concentrations in with the legal courses,
giving individuals a wider range of study and opportunity. Stanford Law offers
these joint degree programs as a way to influence and further the necessity of
interdisciplinary study.

The mission of Stanford Law School is to provide individuals with the necessary
skills to practice law, as well as to hold to the high standards of education
and learning set forth by the founders of the Stanford Law School. The goal of
Stanford Law is to create lawyers and other law officials who work honorably
and responsibly with their clients, to provide the best services and to be a
contributing element to society.