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Facts about Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Facts about Thomas M. Cooley Law School

The Thomas M.
Cooley law school is the largest law school, as well as one of the youngest law
schools in the United States. Founded in 1972, Cooley law school has been a
quickly growing law school, boasting a myriad of diversity among the large,
enrolled population. The main Cooley law campus is located in Lansing,
Michigan; however, there are satellite campuses in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and
Auburn Hills.

The staff of Thomas M. Cooley law school is comprised of 160 adjunct faculty
members and 124 full time faculty members, which is helpful when having such a
large campus and a high enrollment rate. The enrollment of students not only
comes from the United States, but there are many students throughout the world
who have enrolled in the various law programs that Cooley law school has to

Because of the growing popularity and encompassing nature, Cooley law school
has affiliates in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and Spain. This allows for
the opportunity of exchange programs and study abroad programs, where
individuals from the Thomas M. Cooley law school centered here in the United
States can opt to study over in one of the other locations aforementioned. And
those in the aforementioned states are allowed to come here and study, if

The Thomas M. Cooley law school offers opportunities in undergraduate and
graduate programs, concentrating in a myriad of different law topics. Because
of the open options and large enrollment, the popularity of the Cooley law
school continues to grow and reach new demographics; as it keeps growing, the
basis for diversity in the school is enhanced.