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Facts About USC Law School

Facts About USC Law School

The University of
Southern California, or USC Law School, is located in Los Angeles, California.
It is considered to be the oldest university the United States Southwest, which
has its roots dating back to 1896. Court Justice Frederick W. Houser and Sara
Isabella Wilde, his wife, can be accredited with the formation of USC Law when
they managed to form the Los Angeles Law School in 1989. However, USC Law School
would not receive university credentials until 1904.

USC Law, which is formally known as the Gould School of Law, is constantly
being ranked among the top twenty law schools in the country, currently
standing tied at fourteenth with other notable institutions Duke, University of
Texas, and UCLA. In terms of job placement, USC law school is also ranked
fourteenth in the nation, having a 43% rate of their graduating classes and
alumni being hired by the largest law firms in the nation. Furthermore, 91% of
USC Law students will pass the Bar Exams according to certain studies.

The student body at USC Law is just over 600 students, with about 130 faculty
members in total. The law degrees awarded at USC Law School are the J.D.,
LL.M., and the M.C.L. Currently tuition costs for USC Law are at about $44,000
a year, though when living costs are factored, the amount can reach to be as
high as $65,000.