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Facts About Hofstra Law School

Facts About Hofstra Law School

Hofstra Law
School is the law school for Hofstra University, located in Hempstead, New
York. Hofstra Law School was founded in 1970, gaining accreditation by the
American Bar Association in 1971. The Hofstra Law currently offers a total of
fifteen areas of concentration, which include civil litigation, constitutional
law, family law, criminal law, environmental law, and real estate law. Hofstra
Law School ranks in the top 100 law schools in the United States, currently
holding the 86th ranking. Hofstra Law School is also found within the Hofstra
University Campus, located at the southern end of the complex.

Hofstra Law School operates on a semester-bases system, separating the
scholastic year into fall and spring semesters. During the Winter Break, there
are also several courses and programs that are taught as well. Hofstra Law
offers a study abroad program which is located in Curacao and open for Hofstra
Law School students.

Hofstra Law School is proving to become more selective when it comes to the
admissions process, with only less than 39% of applicants being accepted. Of
the 5,000 applications received, Hofstra Law School made offers to only 1,945
applications. Only 380 would matriculate and attend Hofstra Law. Average LSAT
scores were at about 157, while the GPA for applicants was at an average of
just over 3.5.

Current tuition costs for Hofstra Law School are over $40,000 per year. However,
due to living expenses, this figure can reach up toward the $60,000 range.