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Facts about Georgetown Law School

Facts about Georgetown Law School

Georgetown Law
School is a section of Georgetown University, a Jesuit based University.
Situated near Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., Georgetown law offers students
prime access to an area rich in governmental, financial, environment and other
types of law matters. Within the vicinity of Georgetown law and Washington
D.C., there are a number of governmental law offices, private law offices, and
public facilities for law students to set up working relationships or study
partnerships, in order to gain working knowledge and a cutting edge in the work
of academics and law.

Degrees offered by Georgetown law are Juris Doctor (J.D), Master of Laws
(LL.M), and Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D). However, there are other
programs tailored to more special interest law education. For instance, there
is a transnational program that allows an individual access to a number of
study abroad programs and various international internships. These
opportunities are beneficial for individuals who are considering working with
other nations in a variety of different governmental or legal fields.

Other programs, like public interest and clinical programs are meant to give an
individual hands-on experience. For those in the public interest programs,
these individuals work with smaller groups on community matters and issues of
public interest, often advocating for new programs or changes made to current
legislation. In the clinical programs, individuals are given the opportunity to
work under legal professionals, in order to learn the finer points of law, and
how it is implemented in a public or government setting.