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Facts about John Marshall Law School

Facts about John Marshall Law School

John Marshall law
school of Chicago, Illinois is a law school dedicated to the availability of
law education of full-time students, and working professionals who desire to be
law students. Taking after the beliefs of John Marshall, a chief justice of
Virginia, the school was fashioned out of the principles that law education is
imperative to the success of the United States, for the United Stated is ruled
by comprehensive knowledge of law.

For prospective students of John Marshall law school, there are several pieces
of criteria to consider. Individuals who have a GPA of 3.0 and higher are more
likely to be accepted into any of the John Marshall law programs; there is an
average of individuals getting between a 153 to a 159 on their LSATs. In
regards to the diversity of John Marshall law school, 49% of the students
attending are women, and 32% of students fall under the category of ethnicity.

Students of John Marshall law school can choose from an array of different
professional and academic studies like: real estate law, tax law, global law,
employee benefit law, and many other courses. Concentration in these courses,
coupled with clinical programming opportunities, which are programs that place
students in work-experience scenarios, to employ academic learning with
practical applications in the work field, to gain a comprehensive knowledge of
how law works, can be beneficial in providing students with impressive
backgrounds in various legal practices.